“Success through People”

We provide companies and other employment agencies with advice and guidance regarding the technical aspects of collective agreements, legislation and regulations, tax matters, investigations into coverage, labour law risks, cost price savings, hirer’s remuneration, ET exchange scheme, work-related costs scheme, over-50s on the labour market and temporary assignment in Belgium.

The flexible labour market is one of the most dynamic sectors in our country. The labour market is changing and services are changing along with it. This requires enthusiasm, strategic insight, knowledge & skills, a “total package”. Valento Jobs has this “total package” and expertise in house. This means that we can assist companies and personnel in a wide range of projects. Would you like to work at Valento? Please view our internal vacancies here.


Valento Jobs

Palmyra Veltstra

Palmyra took her first steps in the flexible labour market in February 2004. She has grown up in the construction industry and after more than 12 years of financial, commercial and management experience in the flexible labour market, she decided to bring her passion for the industry and her vision of business to Valento Jobs.



Erik Goossen

Erik started his career in the flexible labour market on 1 April 2016. With over 6 years of experience in all facets of the flexible labour market, Erik is a valuable member of our team. His passion, customer-oriented vision and perseverance ensure that Valento Jobs is more than just an employment agency!



Renée van Hal

Renée joined Valento Jobs on 1 June 2016. She has seven years of work experience in the flexible labour market. She appreciates working with very nice and driven colleagues. This is one of the reasons she enjoys going into the office in Sittard every morning. Renée provides colleagues with support behind the scenes, including support with regard to all the financial aspects and changes in legislation and regulations within the flexible labour market.



Carlos Verhaegen

Carlos Verhaegen joined our team on 1 February 2017. Carlos spent fifteen years working in various positions in the banking industry. Given his enormous financial knowledge and experience in the business world, he brings absolute added value to our company. In the coming months, Carlos will support our team in both the office and field activities.



Radek Kusmierczyk

Radek started work as a Recruiter at Valento on 8 January 2018. His first job in the Netherlands was in logistics on the shop floor as a warehouse employee / scanner inbound-outbound. As there were no career opportunities available, he applied for an internal position at Valento Jobs. Radek’s ambition has always been to connect people with employers. His goal is to strengthen recruitment at Valento Jobs and to provide clients with good skilled workers.



Jos Schoffeleers

Jos started at Valento Jobs in Sittard on 25 July 2018. After more than 35 years of working as an independent entrepreneur in financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises, he was ready for a new challenge. At Valento jobs, he has found a passionate team with a positive attitude. Jos, together with Renée van Hal, is responsible for all administrative support tasks. They ensure that the rest of the team can put all their energy into the core tasks of Valento Jobs in the flexible labour market.



Bert Hubben

Since 2001 I have been working in the temporary employment and recruitment sector. After a period of 2 years in which I broadened my HR knowledge through various HR functions, I proudly stepped back into the operation on 1 May 2019.
With great pleasure I started as a senior consultant at Valento Jobs on that date.



Bea Bakker

Since 1 April 2019 I have been allowed to join the team in Sittard. My work history started in the transport world, after which a few years later I changed the wheel for a keyboard. With 15 years of administrative experience in the cleaning industry, I have found a new challenge here and will support the administration of Valento Jobs B.V.



Wim Bertholet

Wim first entered the construction world more than 30 years ago with an HTS degree in architecture. After holding various positions in different disciplines, Wim joined the employment agency sector in 2005. First as an account manager at Randstad bouw and from 2010 as a self-employed person. The experience Wim gained “on the other side of the table” means that he understands the needs and can apply this understanding in practice. He felt that it was time for a new step. After more than 26 years of living as father/son and as friends, he will become be a partner together with his son Mick and make a joint dream come true. Together with Mick, Wim will man a second Valento branch in Kerkrade from January 2018. We are at your service.



Mick Bertholet

Mick obtained his diploma in Information Management in 2013. In recent years, he has mainly been involved in describing and optimising business processes within the ICT sector. Mick decided to follow his heart and look for work in an environment where he had a good chance of getting the best out of himself. This is why he joined Valento Jobs on 1 January 2018. He is proud to be working with his father at our new branch in Kerkrade. He is very driven to get the best out of himself and to achieve results that will make both clients and colleagues very happy!



Our team member in Poland

Adam Baranowski

Working with people is my passion, and together with my team, we guarantee our candidates employment with a certain employer, while on our part dealing with all formalities such as accommodation, insurance, formalities. Working at Valento is the best possible address for every qualified construction worker.